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Truth Revealed: India Sent Man to the Moon Before USA


Astronaut Returns from India's First Manned Space Orbit

Naga Babas

Sit Tight and Tolerate

Kṣamā means tolerant. Tolerant. You should not be disturbed. Suppose you are in this Kṛṣṇa conscious society. Now, you cannot expect that all the members of the society will be first-class men. How can we expect? We are collecting members of the society from all classes of men. So there may be a man in goodness, a man in the passion and a man in the ignorance. But if you think, "Oh, this man is not good. That man is not good," oh... No. You should be tolerant.

You haven't got any connection with this man or that man. You are connected with the philosophy, with the process of life, and you are connected...

Just like the same example: suppose you are on the ship. You do not find just all men to your choice. There may be different kinds of men. But what is that to you? You have to cross the Atlantic Ocean, patiently cross. Just sit down tightly on the ship and take advantage of the opportunity. That is your business. This is called kṣamā. Kṣamā means excuse and tolerant.

Bhagavad-gita Lecture 10.4 -- New York, January 3, 1967

Optoma Pico Pocket Projector

Has anyone used one of these?

I'm interested in purchasing one for my Guru Maharaja but I need more verifiable evidence about its performance than the type of marketing demo shown above.

I don't think they perform well unless the room is really dark. Any other critiques?

Intellectual Honesty - Attractive Quality of a Brahmana

I'm not sure who wrote this but I like it.

"Be willing to publicly acknowledge when you are wrong. Those selling an ideology likewise have great difficulty admitting to being wrong, as this undercuts the rhetoric and image that is being sold. You get small points for admitting to being wrong on trivial matters and big points for admitting to being wrong on substantive points. You lose big points for failing to admit being wrong on something trivial."


One Criterion for a Gentleman

"Any gentleman should be a little humorous.”

- Srila Prabhupada (Letter to Kurusrestha 75-09-26)

Sadhu Soccer


Practical Forgiveness

I subscribe to the PAMHO conference 'Prabhupada Said'. HH Bhakti Vikasa Maharaja regularly sends in short anectodes or passages from Srila Prabhupada's books. I always find them inspirational and sometimes eerily relevant to what I'm doing or thinking at the time.

This one isn't particularly relevant, but is quite thought provoking ......

Badrinaraya Prabhu once heard Srila Prabhupada say:

I forgive you one time

I forgive you two times

The third time, I take off my shoe.

Srila Prabhupada even gestured by raising his arm as if with a shoe in his hand to chastise someone. But then he continued "Actually, the spiritual master is unlimitedly merciful."

Then he paused and added, "But do not take advantage."

Last Hope for the Kazakhstan Situation

---------- Forwarded Message ----------

Text PAMHO:16301400 (82 lines)
From: (Bhakti Bhrnga) Govinda Swami
Date: 11-Oct-08 04:55 -0400 (12:55 +0400)
To: X (Broadcasts) [581]
Subject: Kazakhstan
Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We have continued our efforts in Kazakhstan and it seems that the saga is nearing an unfavorable conclusion.

In 2001 the Kazakh government issued a decree that our temple building and barn were suitable for usage. This summer they annulled that decree.

Now they have called our members to court. The case will focus on the "demolition of illegal temple building and barn and forced eviction from the property."

As a final effort we have started a letter campaign to the President of Kazakhstan. We did this in the beginning of the crisis and we are still on the property four years later.

We are humbly requesting you to take a moment to fax this letter to two offices of the Kazakhstan government:

1.To the Kazakhstan Embassy in your country.

If there is no Kazakhstan Embassy in your country, please fax it to the Kazakhstan Embassy in Washington DC or in London, UK.

Kazakhstan Embassy Washington

Kazakhstan Embassy London

2. To the Administration of the President of Kazakhstan, Mr. NA Nazarbayev


I was just in Warsaw at the OSCE meeting. Kazakhstan is presently under strong international criticism for their failure at democratic reform in light of their 2010 Chairmanship of OSCE. Our issue was consistently raised by the United States, the Holy See (Vatican), and numerous respected human rights organizations.

In the midst of international criticism there is a ray of hope that if protest reaches Kazakhstan at this moment the government may act differently in this issue.

Thank you very much for taking a moment to help and for the support you have all given us during this crisis.

Your servant,

BB Govinda Swami


October 12, 2008

Dear President Nazarbayev,

We would like to acknowledge your leadership of the great nation of Kazakhstan since independence. Your country has become a place of inter-ethnic peace and religious tolerance.

We find it troubling that in your nation the Krishna Religion has faced many difficulties.

Presently, the Karasai District Court of Almaty Province is initiating court procedures that will result in the demolition of the only Krishna Religion temple in the nation of Kazakhstan.

If this demolition takes place it will be a blemish on the face of your beautiful nation.

We are requesting Your Excellency to uphold the dignity of your nation by ordering the closure of the current legal procedures.

We also request that the various departments of your government will work fairly to establish an equitable resolve to this crisis.

We thank you for your consideration.

With respect,

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