Realizations About Srila Prabhupada's Potency to Deliver His Dependents

I received this today from Yaso Prabhu here in Australia. He's the uncle of Lila Salter recently left this world in Vrindavana.

"Jamalarjuna maintained a bedside vigil with Lila for the entire time she was in a coma. Just before Lila left the room was full of devotees having a "blazing kirtan". Jamal said that he felt something lightly touch his arm from behind and when he turned around he saw Srila Prabhupada standing there fully manifest as we would see each other. Jamal told her that Srila Prabhupada looked deep into his eyes to his very soul and simply nodded at him gravely. What happened next is still a source of amazement for Jamal as Srila Prabhupada walked past him to where Lila was lying and he picked her up. At that very second Lila left her body and Jamal personally saw Srila Prabhupada take her back to Godhead in His arms.
We have heard in the past where Srila Prabhupada has come to deliver his disciples and where he has said that "Bhaktivinode will personally come to take you back to Godhead". Let there be no doubt that this is entirely possible and that this exact thing has happened to a child who was one of Srila Prabhupada's grandchildren. It is quite clear now that if anyone has any love and devotion for Srila Prabhupada and this Krishna Consciousness movement they will be personally delivered back to Krishna by His Divine Grace. For Srila Prabhupada this is no big thing.
As far as a recap of events is concerned, this has already been discussed in the wider press. However, the exact relationship between Lila and the boy who murdered her is not clear and so I am unable to comment on that. Somehow he had access to a gun and formed the intention to kill Lila and himself. We can never understand how these things happen and what part the Lord plays in these events in the holy Dhama. We have the aphorism "rake krsna mare ke, mare krsna rake ke" (If Krishna wants to take someone no-one can save them, and if Krishna wants to save someone no-one can take them). How can we possibly understand the plan of the Lord in these circumstances, which are made all the more poingant because He has delivered a young woman who appeared to have a promising Krishna conscious life ahead of her. One thing I know is that there were no deaths for the cowherd men and women and children at the hands of the demons who came into Vrindaban to threaten the devotees when Krishna was present on earth. From this we can understand that someone reasons ill who thinks that Lila has "died". She is now living in the same Vrindaban in Goloka where there are no demons to harass her.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!"


dharma concerns

Notable Ekendra:
Namaskaras prabhu.i`m abhimanyu suta das a S.Prabhupada's disc. from Peru.

to my viewpoint all you are doing is to work for enhance the reptilian cause.
USA and the world is right now close to get fully in the grip of NWO and you are just devotedly serving this purpose in the best treacherous way.
There in USA dwells the very beast G. Bush. He is fully in control of the context, and you american proto-vaisnavas are scared to face this monster in the coherent ksatriya spirit.
You are making accomplicement with satanism, canibalism, predatorship, using Prabhupada's legacy as make-up.
i`m one of the stupids that bet to american-vaisnava cause by years boosting each day to distribute BBT books, relying on honesty and magnanimity of iskcon leaders. My framework was Cusco and LIma airport. ISKCON-after Prabhupada propaganda make me to beleive that everything was in good hands. I only had to put my part. Distribute books and submitt the results. I never used contra-ceptives, so i got 4 sons, taking for sure that we were in good hands. I thought "the future is in krsna consc. farms", i wasted 10 years in ill-managed iskcon farms even knowing that it was wrong but to go outside was so risky for my progeny. Ghastly years.
Now i`m still in awkward situation, my wife left, i carry the troop and we are perplexed about what is the best way to get out of this tunnel of consumption economy. we are fed-up of struggle just for basic neccesities. It is not life. It is damn.

To get iskcon news for me is just to note how cynic and demoniac you are getting by involving new persons in this whirlwind of illusion.
Each day i pray to krsna for take severe punishment for all you insidious reptilians. Each day i pray to garuda to make cause with sukrtinos in this gloomy times.
i admire how great are this people who after having worked in top secret govenrment programs they repentantly abandon this and reveal to the public the gravity of situation. Phil Schneider, Bob Lazar, Arizona wilder, etc.
This is a mood of compassion that even lowest and worsest person has.
Regretfully, you carry in your veins cold blood because you have been snatched by reptilians who can take control of inferior chakras.
In the name of Prahlada Maharajam I request you to reconsider the paradigms of buddhi-yoga, sanatana-dharma, compassion, by entering to this realm by the door of self-deception.
your servant
abhimanyu suta das

reptilian canibalism


I don't know what to say. I thought I could be a grump. This seems to me like an amazing example of ultra-cynicism, bitterness and hopelessness.

Abhimanyu Suta Prabhu, please chant Hare Krishna. Krishna promises to protect His devotee. I'm sure He can protect you from me too - 'insidious reptilian' demon that I am. He can also protect you from any other reptiles trying to grab your 'lower chakras'.

Look - if you think your life sucks then the best thing is to not blame anyone else. When you do that you just subscribe to a life of bitterness and disempowerment. You can't change the past. You can't change anyone besides you. Do something positive for you and your kids. Don't play 'the victim'. Krishna helps those who help themselves.

I'd write more but I have to go and perform some satanic rituals before dinner. Tonight is 'Cannibal Night' at the Reptilian Hare Krishna Center and its 'first in best dressed'. Don't want to be late or I'll just end up chewing on a spleen or pancreas or something. They have SUCH a bad aftertaste.

All Hail Our Lizard Overlords

he who laughs last laughs better!

namaskaras body-snatched bush's licker:
you didn't know what to say. but you uttered ultra-cynicist nonsense. however under the light of reverse-speech annalysys it can be grasped you real self.
For Prabhupada true followers, all of them out of iskcon now, it is top clearwho are all of you. Getting out of exo-political ground, just by seing to micro-context. Iskcon history:
- The most renowned Satyavrata-devotee of the Lord, Srila Prabhupada poisoned in 1977 by the very same people to whom you 'hobgobblin' devotedly serve now like 'cuasimodo' or the hunchback door-keeper of iskcon: the haunted house in which the whole host of gremlings, rakshasas, khecaris, are sheltered. The bitter truth that you ignore is that maha-papa-purusas are sucking the punya of all of you ajñata-duskrti holy-mans.
The dark rule is:
Congratulations, you are serving to the noblest cause.

Namaskara Abhimanyu

Haribol Abhimanyu Prabhu!

¡Desde los tiempos! ¿Cómo está? ¿Siguen en Chosica? Saludos a la familia.

en servicio,
Sita-pati das

Haribol. Took me a while to

Haribol. Took me a while to get online today as I'm finding last night's dinner a bit difficult to digest. Something about Caucasian men over 40 upsets my stomach.

Even though I'm a reptilian overlord I still, on occasion, appreciate the wisdom of the human underlings. Here's a little something that I hope cheers you up.

It indeed.

It indeed.

Gita and Gospel

Buddha said that thorough investigation is hard for the human being. I've nowhere found this to be more true than with devotees on one hand & Christians on the other. Both sides are generally ignorant of the others' scripture, yet both sides are settled on their scripture only. Devotees go one further in trying to put Christ's gospel under the umbrella of Krishna's teaching, and it's just impossible. Proof is easy: read the New Testament. For example, the gospel states: Jesus was not only murdered, but he resurrected, then ascended bodily into heaven, and the reason God allowed his murder was so that Jesus'd be the vicarious atonement for the elect. It was God's plan, not just a murder, according to the gospel. Jesus also claimed to be God the Son by saying, "Before Abraham was, I am." and, "No one goes to the Father except by Me." The elect are the souls whom God predestinated to save, "from before the foundation of the world", and the other souls can do nothing to go to heaven (no sadhana avails). The Bible says that man is given one life, then Judgement. Lastly, the gospel is a Prophecy, laid out in Revelations: Jesus will return "on clouds of glory", riding a white horse at the head of the army of heaven, seen by every human eye, to end world history & bring Judgment Day! The prophecy is what Christians understandably are focused on! Those who read this, please don't assume that I'm a Christian; my point is to clarify the gospel for you, so that you'll refrain from saying the gospel is compatible with the Vedas! It's absolutely exclusive! If you're thorough, you'll read the gospel now, to see if I'm telling the truth.


I'm not going to delete the above post in the interest of letting people say what they want. I do want to point out that while the anonymous poster is entitled to his views, they do not reflect the views of Ekendra Dasa who maintains this blog.

But the banter I engaged in with the person who accused me of being a reptilian cannibal who shapeshifted into human form is all mine :) !

Any other people who took acid 20 years ago and never quite came in for a landing are welcome to post so long as they can manage something coherent and don't mind me being amused and responding with whatever humor I feel like at the time.