'Skyroots' Theme for Drupal 6.0

Today I ported over a theme from the CSS Zen Garden site for the latest version of Drupal 6. I can't upgrade this site just yet because there are a few modules that I'm waiting on to catch up to 6.

Since I'm ok with the current theme on Gopala's site - I'll probably make this new one available on the Themes section of the Drupal site. Its about time I contributed something to the Drupal community besides feature requests.

Download this theme for Drupal 6.x here

Name: Skyroots (original name from the CSS Zen skin from which it took birth)
Type: 2-Column, Fixed width, just CSS (no tables)


Pity photoshop format ships with your theme

Nice theme!

Libre software and free licences would go better with open formats. Why not use GIMP?

Not a bad suggestion. I

Not a bad suggestion. I don't have GIMP running on any of my machines these days but, if someone wants to save these files in GIMP format, we can change the download package to include them instead of the .psd files.

last I checked

Gimp 2.2+ could read/edit .psd file format from photoshop...


Hey there

Beautiful theme.

I'm a long term GIMP user but I'm studying Graphic Design atm where they insist on me using Photoshop so I'm getting across both. I dont think you should worry about using Photoshop in your templates. Many designers use it and its also familiar to lots of average internet users who are looking for out-of-the-box themes for Drupal (or some cms or another). Yeah sure it would be great to encourage use of software like GIMP but really, people can get a bit picky about all this. If you only use Gimp you can still edit these images so it makes no difference to you.

Drupal is sadly lacking imaginative ready-made themes (I've been reading with interest all the fascinating debates on this topic!!) so this one is exactly what Drupal needs to become more accessible to non-techie/geeky folk - who are the folks most likely to only know photoshop. This is why other cms's - with less beautiful coding than Drupal - have a better reputation for being user-friendly than Drupal.

Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you and tell you not to worry too much about what bleeedin' software you use, just be proud you are contributing something beautiful and valuable - for free - to the Drupal world.


PS If I get time I'll help you out with the Gimp files :)



theme with gimp files

i also don't think it's an important point if the images are saved as .psd or .xcf files. but just in case anybody prefers it all opensource, you can download the theme with gimp instead of photoshop files here:


if and when i find time, i'll create a non-fixed-width option for this, since i prefer everything flowing...

ys phani.

Wow - thanks Phanivara.

Wow - thanks Phanivara.

The GIMP can open and edit

The GIMP can open and edit PSD files, Photoshop can not handle GIMP files. So keeping them in PSD format makes sense.

Beautiful Theme

I am new to drupal. I download this theme, because it was different then most. Altered the graphic files, please visit. I have the site posted in a subfolder, gabrielecreative.com/new/, until approved. The contact fields are too wide, otherwise I am pleased. Thank you for your excellent work.

If you are going to zip up

If you are going to zip up your themes consider zipping up a folder so unsuspecting users dont unpack it in the web root.

Good suggestion. You're

Good suggestion. You're welcome.


It's beautiful!! Thanks.