Not Ordinary Food

Hrdayananda: ... This food relief program that you started in India could also be used in other countries where there are also economic problems.

Prabhupada: Why not? But prasadam, not ordinary food. From all our centers you can distribute food, prasadam, because that prasadam means they will gradually become Krsna conscious. Otherwise if you give them ordinary food, they will get strength, and they will increase their sex desire, that's all, problems.

- Morning Walk — February 21, 1975, Caracas

weird and cool

Hare Krishna. I frequently listen to Srila Prabhupada's audio while at work. I started with the first MP3 cd a few years ago, and am now on disk 11. Before lunch I was listening to the Morning Walk, February 21, 1975, in Caracas. Now I'm having lunch, looking at your blog, and thinking that quote sounds pretty familiar.

Hare Krishna