Richard 'Dork'ins Backlash Video

Interesting how the backlash is developing to the anti-God campaign cooked up by the Dawkin's cult:

URLs for videos?

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I was going to have a look at that video, but a URL for it would help a lot. Right now I'm at work finishing my lunch, but I cannot access streaming video here. At home I have a super-slow half-speed dialup connection (broadband is at least a year away where I live), and that's no good for streaming video either. I also have a BlackBerry with high speed Internet service, but it cannot use the java video player. However, I can go to youtube, tinytube, and some other video sites and watch the videos there. All it takes is a URL to know where to find it. I don't know where these videos are hosted, but I'd like to try looking for them there. Thanks!

Hare Krishna.

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Hare Krishna.

Wow, that was pretty amusing. Thanks for the link. Hare Krishna.

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