Texas Weighs in on the Homosexual Marriage Debate

Yes. I grew up in this kind of environment.

Now that I'm an expatriate for over a decade I can see the oddity of the Texan way. I could imagine this kind of thing being a hit on local radio there. I do agree with most of the message in this video, but rather then treat gays as if they are freaks I try to show them respect even though that may be from a distance sometimes.

I'm just posting this here for analytical purposes and because it's a little funny. I hope I don't offend anyone. Please feel free to comment even if you just want to call me a homophobic redneck. I just finished a big project and could do with some purposeful discussion.

Go Texas!

The thing that comes across in this is that he has trouble grasping that someone else might be different from him as a person. So he sees homosexuality as a behavioural choice by people otherwise like him.

That might not be the case.

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not sure which font you are talking about. it changes every 5 mins or so. I'm a font connoisseur (some might say fanatic) - have thousands of em and I use some of my faves here. If you send me as screenshot I could tell you.

True. I think he is working

True. I think he is working within the limitations of the Christian theology as those in his region and particular denomination understand it.

When he rolls his eyes and says, "It just ain't normal" he seems to not want to acknowledge that anyone can be born with homosexual inclinations. Empirical studies have shown that this is not the case. Vaishnava theology confirms that, indeed, people are sometimes born as homosexuals. Srimad Bhagavatam 3.20.23-26 states:

"Lord Brahma then gave birth to the demons from his buttocks, and they were very fond of sex. Because they were too lustful, they approached him for copulation.

The worshipful Brahma first laughed at their stupidity, but finding the shameless asuras close upon him, he grew indignant and ran in great haste out of fear.

He approached the Personality of Godhead, who bestows all boons and who dispels the agony of His devotees and of those who take shelter of His lotus feet. He manifests His innumerable transcendental forms for the satisfaction of His devotees.

Lord Brahma, approaching the Lord, addressed Him thus: My Lord, please protect me from these sinful demons, who were created by me under Your order. They are infuriated by an appetite for sex and have come to attack me."

So, yeah, homosexuals are created under the order of Vishnu.

Marriage is a social institution that provides a service to society in the form of children. In short, marriage is meant for responsible and purposeful sex. I can't equate a homosexual marriage to this.

Homosexual relationships are inherently selfish and sinful. Heterosexual arrangements can also be selfish and sinful but, at least theoretically, there is a natural purpose for them. They can be managed according to religious injunction and confer a powerfully positive influence on society in the form of God conscious children. There are no 'homo-specific' religious injunctions that I'm aware of although I know some are eager to invent some.