France took part in genocide: Rwandan report

It is hard to follow every world news issue but there are some that I keep up with. In the mid 90's one of the most grotesque massacres of our times of over 800,000 men, women and children took place in Rwanda, Africa. The degree of human brutality that was exercised during this period of genocide is riveting for even the most war-hardened heart. The Hutu militia had a shortage of resources for equipment such as ammunition so they used machetes to slay Tutsi families in the street. They didn't even limit their angst to the Tutsi social class, but any of their own class who were even considered sympathetic to the Tutsi were similarly bled.

The UN troops who were stationed there were limited in their ability to help due to lack of support or public sympathy for the situation. The politicians simply wouldn't send them sufficient money and manpower so they could only set up refugee camps for the fortunate citizens who could escape the capitol of Kigali.

The French troops who were also stationed in Rwanda were also criticized for not helping the cause. Up until today I considered this a poignant example of what Srila Prabhupada described as "violence by negligence". This news, released today, reports that the French may not have been as uninvolved as previously believed.

"French forces directly assassinated Tutsis and Hutus accused of hiding Tutsis... French forces committed several rapes on Tutsi survivors," said a justice ministry statement released after the report was presented in Kigali.

The entire article is here. I think this is significant because, if true, it could mandate a significant shift in the way that the French government is appraised.

all these bloodthirsty african (and other) potentates are supported by one of the big imperialist powers or the other. acting on the maxime that "my enemies' enemies are my friends (at least for now)," they don't pay much attention to human rights records or other 'niceties' a particular protegee may or may not exhibit.

i don't think the french are any worse than the US, china, or british in that regard. they probably didn't anticipate that this hutu campaign would turn out as bloody as it did; not necessarily because of moral scuples, but to be associated with this type of massacre doesn't help their own cause, which is all that counts, finally.

also the accusations are made by a group that's a party in that conflict, and have been accused by the french to have started the whole mess by assassinating a prominent leader. don't say it's not true, but i'm not really convinced yet.

and finally, what does it really matter if the french flag was involved, and now? it's kali-yuga progressing, and i'm afraid we can expect much more and much worse of this in the future.

ys phani.

Unfortunately, I think you

Unfortunately, I think you are right, Phani Prabhu. And the French are no worse than the US or China on human rights issues. Still, this particular genocide was graphic and could have been at least somewhat diminished had the French government acted with the slightest human compassion.

compassion? in global politics?

i'm afraid compassion is the last thing we can expect in global politics. considering the shortage of resources, and the growing economies in third world countries, it won't surprise me to see concerted efforts to decimate the population, or at least break their economies and drive them back into the jungle by first world governments.

it's either that, or cut down on their own growth and lifestyle expectations. can you imagine the US government willingly sharing their present wealth with the rest of the world? and it's not only the eveil governments, i'm afraid their people will support them in this...

ys phani.

rwandan report about french involvement

here's some more information about possible motives behind the report surfacing now. it doesn't change anything about the horrible facts, of course, and france's role in the whole affair is also far from spotless. but i always mistrust one-sided reports, specially if they come from parties with self-interest in the matter.

Phani - you are a realist.

Phani - you are a realist.

I, however, still carry on with a hope that there can be some sort of peace on Earth amongst all the members of all societies. I know that the only way for this to come about is for everyone to become devotees of Krishna.

realist, or pessimist?

you are right, my bleak predictions assume that krsna consciousness does not make substantial progress in the near future. if that's realistic, or just pessimistic remains to be seen...

but even without the whole world taking to krsna consciousness, krsna seems willing to change the destiny of the people on this planet on behalf of whatever devotional activities are being performed. you did see ravindra svarupa prabhu's posts on the prophecy, didn't you? (—a-prophecy/)

further reports on france's involvement

mainly because of your article i guess, i've been following the reports on france's involvement in the rwandan massacre. the latest report i've seen, from one andrew wallis at the guardian ( gives some credit of the original report.

one quote in particular caught my attention:

"Mitterrand's flippant remark to a French journalist a year after the genocide, that "in country's like that genocide is not so important", sums up this policy of disregard and dehumanisation."

these guys seem to be more openly barbaric than most of the others!

ys phani.

Thank you for the link.

Thank you for the link. Interesting read. I honestly saw the report with a lot more skepticism before reading Wallis' testimony to its validity.

Despite their barbarism France sure seems open to Lord Jagannatha: