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To the person who criticized

To the person who criticized that Jayapataka Maharaj was admitted to a hospital that practices western medicine:
First, it is important to understand that Krishna consciousness is the spiritual culture of "love of God, Krishna Prema". We have a conception of "yukta vairagya", genuine renunciation. Renouncing something "material" that can be utilized in Krishna's service is imperfect renunciation. It is concerned real renunciation when something that can serve Krishna is utilized in Krishna's service, and the service of His devotees, even if it appears material.
Before passing judgement on Krishna consciousness, it is important to understand the science of Krishna. We are not trying to become Hindus, nor slaves of Vedic culture. Rather, we are seekers of Krishna's satisfaction, and the satisfaction of His servants. In fact, in the Brahma Samhita, accepted by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as authentic, it is said: vedesu durlabha adurlabha atma bhaktau...If you seek out Krishna in the Vedas, He is very difficult to obtain, but with your love for Him, He is easily obtained.
So, if you are a serious seeker (a big 'if'), then don't pass judgement until you have the opportunity to explore deeply the Krishna conception with qualified devotees...and, may Jayapataka Maharaj, my Godbrother and friend, live many, many more years of a productive life of service to our Spiritual Master, Srila Prabhupad. Sincerely, Pusta Krishna das

I deleted the stupid comment

I deleted the stupid comment that Prabhu here is addressing. Some misinformed person decided to use my blog as a place to criticize Jayapataka Swami. No.