The Second Coming of Christ

I just read a very clear & complete account of what the Vedas say about the forever-cycling Yugas which go on for 4+ billion years, then the suspension of all matter for the same period of time, then it starts all over again, forever. I wonder about the Christians; since the Book of Revelations states that Jesus'll end world history once & for all (see "Gita & Gospel" for details, posted here by me), what happens to them if the Gospel's a lie? Do they perpetually take birth in meat-eating, sexually-active Christian homes, watch for Jesus' appearance, die? Does that sound like the ultimate Twilight Zone story or what!?

Tolerant Cat

Animals seem so much nicer than humans! Just loved this clip of the tolerant cat - thanks!

Why don't you start your own

Why don't you start your own blog on this subject?

The Second Coming of Christ Prophesized: 5/21/1011

This is given by Harold Camping of Family Radio, with complete biblical references & several articles/booklets explaining the conclusion. 9 months & a few days till 5/21/11. (There are a couple of offshoot sites as well.)

What would Srila Prabhupada say?