Meditation On Lord Jagannatha

by Srila Murari Gupta - Śrī Caitanya-carita Mahākavya 4.21.5 (sourced from Sri Krishna-kathamrta Bindu issue #156)

Murari Gupta writes that while gazing at the divine form of Lord Jagannath, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu uttered the following meditation on the Lord, which is derived from the Purānas:

nīlādrau śankha-madhye śata-dala-kamale ratna-sihāsana-stha
sarvālankāra-yukta nava-ghana-rucirasasthita cāgrajena
bhadrāyā vāma-bhāge ratha-caraa-yuta brahma-rudrādi-vandya
vedānā sāram eka sakala-gua-maya brahma-pūra smarāmi

I remember the absolute truth, who resides within a temple resembling a blue mountain in the land shaped like a gigantic conch shell. He is seated on a hundred-petalled lotus, upon a jeweled lion-throne. His body is the hue of a new lightning-illuminated thundercloud, and he is adorned with variegated ornaments. He is seated along with his elder brother, who has Subhadra to his left side. He is attended by his disc, and is offered prayers by all the gods headed by Brahma and Shiva. He is the essence of the Vedas and the reservoir of all sublime qualities.

— English translation by Bhakti Vedanta Bhagavata Swami. Gaura Vani Press. Distributed by Nectar Books. Union City,Georgia. 1998.