Why does this site exist?

This website was developed mainly so that I could have an outlet to hopefully express some devotion for Sri Sri Gopala-Douji. I am of the opinion that the allurement exhibited by these two Brothers is self-evident and that They require no assistance, by my own conditioned effort, to perform Their eternal function of attracting living entities throughout the universe.

According to Their own teachings, we are at this very moment transmigrating through a vast array of material bodies in search of a state of complete satisfaction inherent to our primordial sense of existence. We are, by design, completely perfect in happiness; yet due to forgetfulness we are entrapped in a milieu of impermanent identification and transitory self-conception. This clouds the naturally blissful spiritual atmosphere that is inherent to our very existence. By coming into contact with Gopala and/or His Brother we have an opportunity to revive our remembrance of this environment and thus reinstate ourselves in our real eternal identity – complete in knowledge and bliss.

It is said, in some circles, that there are certain things that should be hidden from public purview: namely the preceptor, the mantra, the personal deity and a few other things that I can’t recall at the moment. In any case, this is sober logic as we live in a time where imitation, jealousy and hypocrisy are practically intrinsic to our interpersonal dealings. Even those of us who are aware of such tendencies may still find the need to struggle with them on a daily basis. The fact is – these demonstrations of lower nature all stem from a fundamentally flawed conception of who we are.


I am an attractive lady. <- temporary (It won’t be long until you are old and ugly.)
I am a competent manager. <- temporary (Always?)
I am a really cool person. <- temporary (Wait until you have kids, you’ll see how cool you really are.)
People look to me for leadership. <- temporary (Or do you just avoid people who don’t?)
I am a man. <- temporary (Maybe you are in this life, but what about the next?)

The list can go on indefinitely. We take shelter of identities that seem like they will best negate the things we fear; but all of these conceptions of who we are in life end at the time of death. Shouldn’t that be our greatest fear?

If, by devotion, we voluntarily relieve ourselves of the ephemeral shelter that such false identities (called upadis in Sanskrit) only seem to offer, we can learn to fearlessly embrace the identity of servitorship. Only then will we taste the happiness we are all subconsciously hoping to achieve in our experience.


I am eternally the servant of Krishna. <- permanent (can’t be impeded by whatever temporary situation we may find ourselves)

In a more personal sense, I suppose this site allows me to stand exposed before the world as I journey towards self-honesty (self-realization). By doing so, I’m aware that I leave myself a bit vulnerable to an unpredictable amount of criticism and disapproval. Those who may not, at present, be able to understand the absolute necessity of such an endeavor are free to browse any of the other billions of pages on the internet. If, however, anyone is interested in accompanying, assisting or even just observing my struggle for freedom then welcome.

Hare Krishna.

Your servant,
Ekendra Dasa