To conquer God is bhakti.




God realization depends on God, because you cannot oblige God by some force. Just like if you have got money, oh, you can do anything nowadays. If you have got strength of wealth, you can have any power, you can do anything.

But that does not mean that you can purchase God. No. That is not possible.

If you have got beauty, you can conquer over very stalwart, very strong men. Just like what is the… Cleopatra. She was very beautiful, and she conquered many great warriors. So beauty sometimes can conquer even the greatest man, but that does not mean beauty can conquer God. No. That is not possible. To conquer God is bhakti. If you are advanced in devotional service, then you can conquer God. Just like the gopis…

Lecture — Los Angeles, February 2, 1968


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