Sunday Feast Cook Book: Lemon Vanilla Whey Drink




Ok. So you've just made half a ton of panir (fresh cheese from milk curds) for your Sunday Feast subji and you're feeling guilty about the thought of pouring all of that nutrient laden liquid down the drain. Or you might think to pour it into buckets, leaving them in the cool room in an attempt to pass the buck. "Let someone else delete the credit from their karmic bank account. So what if it's a total waste of one of nature's gifts. We gotta have our curd!"

This recipe can not only help relieve your anxiety but will make the devotees smile.

First things first – when you make your curd, use as little curdling agent as possible. If you HAVE to use citric acid then just put it in a pinch at a time. Then patiently watch for the curd to separate from the whey. If you put too much citric acid or lemon juice the whey will be very acidic and make the drink tart. Yuck!

This recipe is for about 10 litres total drink because that is the size of the ghee buckets we save and use to serve it out. The quantities multiply out proportionately, but we just find it easy to use this recipe in several buckets simultaneously and then put them in the cool room until its time to offer.

  • 1 litre sugar
  • 1.5 litres whey
  • 500 ml lemon juice (freshly squeezed is best)
  • 40 ml vanilla extract (the non-alcohol based kind)
  • 8 litres water

Just combine the above ingredients, stir with a wire whisk and keep in a clean cool place. Simple.

You could substitute other fruit juices for the lemon but the only one we've tried is orange which had good results.


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