Knowing Someone by Their Nose?




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Physiognomy is the ancient art of face-reading, thought to have originated in China more than 2000 years ago. They call it Siang Mien.

Rather like acupuncture, it used to be derided in the West, but many claim that it has been proved to work.

It has plenty of things to say about the nose – all of which might cause you to honk with disbelief.

Bulbous tip: You have a preoccupation with saving.

Small tip: You do not consider money important.

Flared nostrils: You are a big spender and an adventurous risk-taker.

Long nose: Routine work is not your speciality.

Short nose: You have a talent for old-fashioned, hard work; but you crave emotional stability.

Broad nose: You have stability and a purposeful nature, and a powerful sex drive.

Long and narrow nose: You are intelligent, witty and engaging.

Long and broad nose: You have lots of staying power and concentration.

Fat nose: You are optimistic and are usually good in business.

Ski-jump nose: You are intuitive.

Arched: You are elegant and creative.



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