Last Call for ‘Festival for the Eyes’ Submissions




On the ISKCON News site we’ve set a goal to compile a multimedia presentation of 108 photos of Gaura-Nitai deities worshiped in the homes of ISKCON members around the world.

If you’d like to give our current readership a view of your home deities, then dress them gorgeously, get the lighting just right and snap us a digital photo. (Try to avoid using a flash please.)

When you submit your entry you’ll need to include the following details:

– What’s your name? (Please make sure you spell this exactly how you’d like it to be presented.)

– Where do you live? (Include the name of the city and country.)

Send just one photo as an attachment to: [email protected] Please try to keep the size of the file under 1 Megabyte. The best image resolution for our purposes is 800px by 600px.

Alternatively you could upload to a photo hosting site such as and send us a link.

Time is of the essence so please send your photo in today.


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