Prabhupada Vyasasana Lila




Hrdayananda: It was my idea to bring Prabhupada’s vyasasana to the airport. I was thinking, “How can my spiritual master sit in the same seats that karmis sit on?” It just seemed impossible. How could Prabhupada put his lotus body, how could he sit, on the same seats as the karmis? I was very agitated by that.

Amarendra had built the vyasasana, and he used to build everything like a tank. The vyasasana must have weighed several hundred pounds. It took four or five devotees to carry it.

So Prabhupada arrived first, and the vyasasana wasn’t there. By the time he got to his boarding gate and the vyasasana still wasn’t there, I was in anxiety, because I didn’t want him to sit in a regular seat. I thought it would be a great offense on my part. Then as I looked down the long, long airport corridor, I saw six brahmacaris, half of them without their shoes on, lugging Prabhupada’s vyasasana down the corridor. It was such an absurd scene.

Prabhupada just stood there looking in disbelief and disgust, and finally several sweating, groaning brahmacaris came and dropped the vyasasana down in front of Prabhupada. Prabhupada just looked at it with disdain, walked past it, and sat down in the ordinary seat.

(from Srila Prabhupada lilamrta)


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