Badi Door Nagari




For western readers of this blog this song may be an acquired taste. It has a beautiful melody and rhythm though doesn’t it?

Door nagari badi door nagari
Kese aaoo mein Kanai tori Gokul nagari badi door nagari….
Raatko aaoo to Kana dar mohe laage
Din ko aaoo to dekhe sari nagari…. Badi door nagari
Sakhi sang aaoo Kana sharam mohe laage
akeli aaoo to bhool jaao dagari…. Badi door nagari
Dhire dhire chaloo Kana kamar mori lachake
Jatpat chaaloo to chalke gagari…. Badi door nagari
Bai Meera kahe prabhu Giridhar na goon
Tumhare darshan beena hogai bavari…. Badi door nagari


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