An Easy Good Karma Thing to Do




Here's an easy way you can make a lot of people around the world feel some love.

People who design websites using CSS layout have a really hard time with Internet Explorer version 6 and below.

More recent browsers (even IE7) conform to at least some basic W3 standards. IE6 arrogantly thumbs its nose at these industry regulations and makes life really hard for web designers.

We have to try to make the layout work in a decent browser and then check it in IE6 to make sure its ok there too as it renders CSS completely differently. More often than not, there is some major issue. Right now I'm suffering with such an issue on the work I thought I had nearly completed for ISKCON News Weekly.

If IE6 didn't stubbornly hold about 25% of the market I could move on with my life. So upgrade today please.

Fortunately IE7 is now being passed along as a windows update so if you are running windoze please accept this update if you are not interested in running a civilized browser such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera or pretty much anything besides Internet Explorer.

Thank you and have a nice day! 🙂



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