Sit Tight and Tolerate




Kṣamā means tolerant. Tolerant. You should not be disturbed. Suppose you are in this Kṛṣṇa conscious society. Now, you cannot expect that all the members of the society will be first-class men. How can we expect? We are collecting members of the society from all classes of men. So there may be a man in goodness, a man in the passion and a man in the ignorance. But if you think, “Oh, this man is not good. That man is not good,” oh… No. You should be tolerant.

You haven’t got any connection with this man or that man. You are connected with the philosophy, with the process of life, and you are connected…

Just like the same example: suppose you are on the ship. You do not find just all men to your choice. There may be different kinds of men. But what is that to you? You have to cross the Atlantic Ocean, patiently cross. Just sit down tightly on the ship and take advantage of the opportunity. That is your business. This is called kṣamā. Kṣamā means excuse and tolerant.

Bhagavad-gita Lecture 10.4 — New York, January 3, 1967


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