Kamoda-raga by Narahari Dasa




I was reading Indradyumna Swami’s latest diary and came across this beautiful song that I just had to blog about. This is perfect for any harinama enthusiasts:

Kamoda-raga by Narahari Dasa
(Translated by Kusakrata Dasa)

aju gora nagara kirtane sajiya calaye priya parikara sane

“Surrounded by His dear devotees, Lord Gaura performs sankirtana in the city.”

angera su-besa bhala sobhe nace nana bhangite bhubana-mana mohe

“His well-dressed form is glorious. Dancing in many graceful ways, He charms the hearts of everyone in the world.”

prema barisaye anibara bahaye ananda nadi nadiya majhara

“He continuously showers the bliss of ecstatic spiritual love. He makes a river of spiritual bliss flow in Nadiya.”

deba-gana misa-i manuse braise kusuma kata manera harise

“The demigods stay amongst the human beings. Their hearts are joyful. How many monsoons of flowers do they shower?”

nagariya loka saba dhaya manera manase goracandra guna gaya

“The people run to greet Him. With all their hearts they sing Lord Gaura’s glories.”

mudhegana suni simha-nada ha-iya birasa mana ganaye pramada

“Some bewildered people, their hearts withered by fear, think the tumultuous kirtan is a host of lions roaring.”

lakhe lakhe dipa jwale bhala upama ki abani gagana kare alo

“Millions and millions of glistening lamps shine. With what shall I compare the light that fills the ground and sky?”

narahari kahite ki jane matila jagata ke-u dhairaja na mane

“What shall Narahari say? He does not know. The whole world has become wild with bliss. No one is peaceful at heart.”


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