Lewd Experience on the Beach




To whom it may concern:

Today my wife took our two small children to the beach near Byron Bay. Upon return, she reported to me her unsavory experience of having to witness two undressed men walk past her and the kids on the beach as well as another barely dressed man. According to her, one of these men engaged in lewd behavior in plain sight of my family. This all happened within the span of 1/2 an hour.

I recognize that the Byron Shire has designated an area of beach near Tyagarah as clothing optional. As you can see on the enclosed map, my family was about one kilometer away from that area.

Are signs clearly posted that designate the boundaries of the nudist area? I would prefer not to have to investigate this myself.

If there are no signs posted then shouldn’t there be?

My children did not need to be exposed to this type of vulgarity. I do feel that it lies within the responsibility of whomever manages this tract of beach area to enforce the boundaries in such a way that effectively prevents this from happening. I did not particularly enjoy fielding the stream of questions from my five year old on the matter.

I have already tried to bring this issue up with the Byron Shire via telephone and they claimed that since this was Crown land it was out of their jurisdiction. I would appreciate some response from your department so that I don’t have to spend the time and effort generating interest in this matter with local media and community groups.



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