The Misuse of Free Speech and How I Try to Tolerate It




Lately it seems as if this blog has attracted comments from some folks with some far out views. I’m not surprised as this has been a consistent thread in my life (offline and online) for the last 20 years at least.

I’m not going to delete them in the interest of letting people say what they want. I do want to point out that while the mostly anonymous posters are entitled to their views, they do not usually reflect the views of Ekendra Dasa who maintains this blog.

But the banter I engaged in with the person who accused me of being a reptilian cannibal who shapeshifted into human form is all mine 🙂 !

Any other people who took acid 20 years ago and never quite came in for a landing are welcome to post so long as they can manage something coherent and don’t mind me being amused and responding with whatever humor I feel like at the time.


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