Ecstasy in Margaret River




from Bk. Emmanuel

The Margaret River Program that we organized two weekends ago was a unique experience for all the devotees who participated. We all stayed at Carmel’s, who had a large studio overlooking a valley full of trees and green pasturing grass where the prabhus stayed, and the matajis were accommodated in a wooden cabin nearby. This type of environment is definitely suitable for devotees to practice sadhana; fresh air, fresh water, nature and lots of land to cultivate an agrarian lifestyle, after all devotees have no business being in the city except for preaching.

Margaret River is also the Western Australian surfing capital. Some of the locals are very enthusiastic about their surfing almost fanatical like, devotees should be about `Krsna’ and they were ready to sacrifice anything to catch that ‘epic’ wave. Surfing is always on their mind, we are trying to become Krsna Conscious as for they are trying to cultivate surfing consciousness but nevertheless they are sweet and easy going people.

I found it quite remarkable when we were on Harinama that most of the people who encountered the Harinama party were very relaxed or I should say, not at the least surprised to see us; it was like we were one of the locals.

Carmel arranged with us to have a program at the studio where she invited a few of her friends. The night was amazingly alive with spiritual energy, a vibration I have never experienced before. There was around thirty of us and we began with kirtana lead by Jason. During the Kirtana it seemed that all the guests were comfortable with the dimmed atmosphere of the studio and the sweet melodious vibration of the Holynames. When I gazed briefly at everyone, everyone was happily engaged in the chanting of Harinama which was very pleasing to the ears.

Then Iksvaku prabhu who was the host for the night gave a light talk on our philosophy followed by a wild Kirtana which erupted when Iksvaku introduced the ‘yogi step’ or the ‘swami step’. Everyone was dancing in ecstasy, it was something out of this material world something we don’t even experience on Janmastami. So we all danced jubilantly for about half an hour. This girl with down-syndrome stole the whole show; she danced with so much enthusiasm with her arms raised at all times. She was definitely the highlight of the night; she could not even say her name due to some speech impediments but she was joyfully dancing to the holynames, what a wonderful sight!!!

The next day we had the main event with a crowd of forty guests. We were expecting more people but still it was a pleasant afternoon. It was very inspiring to see that so many people were happy to participate in the dancing but not like the night before which was very, very, very special. Many persons bought Srila Prabhupada’s books to get new understanding about the meaning of life and we also distributed free introductions to Bhagavad Gita which were sponsored by Mana Vardhana and Muralinatha.

We had a lot of positive feedback from the guests expressing their appreciation for our efforts and that they would like for us to come back in the future. Prabhupada’s formula to reach out to the world is very simple and as devotees we should consider ourselves very fortunate having received the mercy of `chanting, dancing and feasting’.

Special thanks to Yadu Srestha prabhu and Sitarama prabhu for their support.

Glen prabhu for having the determination of a badger.

Mukunda prabhu for his exquisite cooking.

Iksvaku prabhu for his sweet presentations.

Jason prabhu for his melodious kirtanas.

Muralinatha prabhu for his ability to be spontaneous.

Charlie prabhu who was always ready to lend a hand.

Carsani mataji for her brilliant ways in greeting others.

Himavati mataji for her eagerness to distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books.

And great thanks to all assembled vaisnavas who are just like desire trees, who can fulfill the desire of everyone and all the conditioned souls and who can make everything possible by their unlimited blessings.

Your aspiring servant,
Bh Emmanuel


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