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  • hmmm … Big Business embracing Indian philosophy

    The swami’s whirlwind East Coast tour was just one small manifestation of a significant but sometimes quirky new trend: Big Business is embracing Indian philosophy. Suddenly, phrases from ancient Hindu texts such as the Bhagavad Gita are popping up in management tomes and on Web sites of consultants. Top business schools have introduced “self-mastery” classes […]

  • Don’t Obscure Krishna With Personal Ambition When Commenting On Bhagavad-gita

    Before my presentation of Bhagavad-gita As It Is, almost all the English editions of Bhagavad-gita were introduced to fulfill someone?s personal ambition. . . . Generally the so-called scholars, politicians, philosophers, and svamis, without perfect knowledge of Krsna, try to banish or kill Krsna when writing commentary on Bhagavad-gita. Such unauthorized commentary upon Bhagavad-gita is […]

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  • Ajna Tahal

    ?Patrolling On the Lord’s Command? by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur nadiya-godrume nityananda mahajana patiyache nam-hatta jivera karana In the land of Nadiya, on the island of Godruma, the magnanimous Lord Nityananda has opened up the Marketplace of the Holy Name, meant for the deliverance of all fallen souls. (sraddhavan jan he, sraddhavan jan he) prabhura ajnay, […]

  • Catholic Adoption Agencies Aren’t Exempt From Gay Rights Laws

    “We all know that there is a wide range of potential adoptive parents out there, including lesbians and gay men who can provide a loving home for children.” This is embarrassing. Makes me want to get out of the material world in a hurry though.

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  • Contaminate Everything With Krishna Philosophy

    “I have heard that you may be going to Heidelberg, Germany, where there is a very large and important university. That is our best field. Become yourself very convinced and learned in our Krishna philosophy and take it into such university and contaminate everything with it. We are not afraid to challenge every mundane philosopher […]

  • Jaguar vs. Anaconda – Video

    Check this out. This battle pits a 200 pound jaguar against and 300 pound anaconda. jivo jivasya jivanam

  • The World Cherishes Duplicity

    “The worldly people generally cherish doubleness of heart or duplicity, speaking out one thing abroad and concealing a different thing inside. And the funny part of it is that they are anxious to present this doubleness of their heart to the public as liberality or the virtue of conciliation. These double-tongued men give to the […]

  • A Difficult Preaching Zone …

    North Korea fear doco:

  • Bala Gopala’s Darsan

    nāgo navāmbho virudo vīrahā varado balī go-patho vijayī vidvān śipiviṣṭaḥ sanātanaḥ He is the serpent Ananta (nāga). He is the cause of new rains (navāmbha). He is a tumultuous sound (viruda), the killer of heroic warriors (vīrahā), the giver of benedictions (varada), powerful (balī), the Lord who follows the path of the cows (go-patha), victorious […]

  • Smart kids likely to become vegetarians

    Saturday Dec 16 08:59 AEDT [source] Children with high IQs are more likely to be vegetarians when they grow up, according to research. A British study of more them 8,000 men and women aged 30 whose IQs had been measured when they were 10, showed that the higher the IQ, the greater the odds of […]


    There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you can do with it: – These are functional in most countries around the world, but cell phones differ as to […]

  • The Weight Of The World

    “Now upon the shoulders of you the leaders of this Movement falls the responsibility of practically saving this earth planet from the present dangerous position. So the work is in your hands. Let me be free now to translate books, that is my desire. You become very responsible and convinced of this our Krishna philosophy […]