Monday 23 August 2004




So today was my first day @ Villa Maria High School. This is an all-girls Catholic School with an emphasis on character development alongside the curriculum. I’d have to say that this focus on integrity is immediately perceptible upon entering the classroom.

The group of girls I observed today were year 9. I was surprised at how cooperative they were for the teachers. All of the teachers I observed today were women so I thought to ask some of the girls if they had any guy teachers …

“Yes. We have two : Mr. _______ – but he’s a pushover. Also there is Mr. _________ – he’s really strict.”

“Which one do you like better”, I asked “the pushover or the firm one?”

Much to my surprise they unanimously responded,”The strict one.”


“Because we actually learn something in his class. Also we know he cares about us.”

For me this was profound. I think I will take this to heart in my own teaching practice. I have heard this before but here I had the opportunity to hear this directly from the students’ mouths in confidence.


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