“All Glories to Balam Rice and Cow Ghee”




One landlord was having difficulty keeping house-servants. After a few days of work, they would leave his employ. He was ever having to search out new help; his household was thus never properly managed. He mentioned this problem to a friend of his. “Why is it so difficult for me to keep even one steady servant at home?”

The landlord followed his friend’s advice. After six months of feeding his servant Balam rice and cow’s ghee, he increased his work load. The servant became unhappy and com- plained, but the landlord kept up his demands. Finally the servant left. But within a day he had returned. He’d gone around looking for other employment, but found no one who served Balam rice and cow’s ghee to the household help. Having grown too attached to this diet, the servant, though he tried to abandon the landlord several times, was always forced to relent and return to his duty.

When the landlord again met his friend after having tested his advice, he rejoiced “All glories to Balam rice and cow ghee!”


This story illustrates a preaching strategy used by spirit- ual masters of the Krsna consciousness movement. Hardly anyone wants to render selfless service to the Supreme Lord.

Everyone is attracted to material gain, position, reputation, religion, wealth, fruitive work or liberation. These goals constitute the basis of almost everyone’s work in this world. Therefore genuine spiritual masters manage the Krsna consciousness movement in such a way that neophyte devotees get “Balam rice and cows ghee” daily. Thus the aspiring Vaisnavas become satisfied and more willing to engage themselves in Krsna’s service.

Balam rice and cows ghee actually symbolize the position, honor and reputation that a spiritual master bestows upon neophyte devotees who render service pleasing to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga.


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