Tuesday 24 August 2004




Today was much more curriculum centered. Also I went to the actual classes that I’ll be assisting in. I was handed a seating chart for one class which will really help me with the names. For the other classes I just have the printout of mug shots which isn’t as easy.

I have an idea of what lessons I need to plan for now. One class will need an introduction to databases. Two classes will need a review of design principles that includes a task modelled after 1.7 assessment. This is pretty straightforward stuff as I’m on very familiar ground with these topics.

Both of my associates are very helpful and clear on what they expect from me. I suggested that I run everything by them before I present to the students and they were happy to hear that I am trying to be cooperative and be open like that. They both seem to want to help me to become an effective instructor.

No big classroom management issues have come up so far. These girls are pretty good – a little chatty – but no serious attitude probs.


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