Friday 27 August 2004




Today I took an entire class. It was the last period on a Friday – so that presented a few challenges with management. According to the feedback given to me by my associate it seems I did well.

She said that I could improve in these areas:

– clear simple instructions at the beginning of the class
– I should be more firm with the students and project my voice (she said that this will come with practice)
– I should state the aims and goals of each lesson before they start

Some good points:

– remembered names when I called on the students for questions
– worked the room to ensure they worked quietly and stayed on task
– good preparation and use of data projector
– wrote info on the board so their task was clear for them (I could have written more becuase some of the faster students asked me what to do towards the end of the class)

All in all I feel that it was a beneficial experience that gave some insights into my own strengths and weaknesses.


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