Kite-play from an Unwalled Roof




A foolish boy was flying a kite to his heart’s content upon an unwalled rooftop. So engrossed was he in the fun that he was totally oblivious to his surroundings. A man passing by on the street below looked up to see the boy standing right on the edge of the roof, one foot dangling out into space as he reeled in and let out the string of his kite-spool.

The man, who was good-hearted and had a strong sense of social responsibility, rushed up the stairway to the roof of the building, dragged the boy away from the precipice and snatched the kite-spool from his hands. The boy, who had been so close to serious injury or death, was outraged. “You trespasser!” he shouted. “What right do you have to barge up here and spoil all my fun! Hey, give me my kite back! I’ll tell my parents! They’ll call the police on you!”

The kind-hearted man simply endured the boy’s tantrum with a smile and led him down from the rooftop.


Similarly, a truly benevolent friend of the human race points out the dangerous game society is playing by its thought- less indulgence in animalistic sense gratification, which spoils the whole human purpose. But the thanks he gets from a vast section of the populace may be compared to the reaction of the boy whose dangerous rooftop kite-play was abruptly halted.


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