Naked Penco




There was once in a jungle village of Bengal a young lad named Pancanam. Because in these hots climates young boys run naked, he was given the nickname “Naked Penco.”

As Penco grew up he showed himself to be a bright young fellow. He excelled in his studies, was well-behaved and in general became a great credit to his family. Penco became dear to almost everyone in the village, except for some few persons who had never been on good terms with his father. So whenever these persons heard someone praising the boy’s scholastic accomplishments, they scoffed, “Oh, hang your naked Penco, who cares about his study anyway? Nothing will come of it, just wait and see. That whole family is good-for-nothing.”

Penco graduated from high school with honors and entered a law college. When the news came back to the village that he passed his bar examination and would now become a legal attorney, his father’s critics remarked, “Penco must have passed that examination by unfair means, there’s no other explanation for this.”

And when after some more years Penco was made District Judge, they simply refused to believe it until they were shown the announcement printed in the newspaper. Then they said, “Judge he may be, but is he working for salary, that’s what we want to know. Surely nobody is going to pay him to be a judge, not naughty naked Penco.”


And so persons steeped in the material outlook will persistently find fault with a person who takes to Vaisnava dharma. No matter what his spiritual accomplishments, they will fault him for his birth, family background, his former low station in society, and so on. This is like speaking ill of a judge’s nakedness when he was a little boy.


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