Fisticuffs to the Sky




There was an upstart who developed a philosophy of protest against the rule of nature over the living entities. Once, while musing over his ideas he concluded that the sky caused the most problems of all features of nature, because from the sky came thunderstorms, lightning, hurricanes, tornados, hail, sleet and snow. In a sudden frenzy this man jumped from his seat and violently punched the air above his head again and again. For a time he hopped about, flailing away at the sky with his fists while cursing, “Rascal sky! Take this! Take that!” until he fell exhausted to earth, his arms sprained and aching. The sky, needless to say, remained unperturbed at this poor fellow’s assault.


Once in a while an individual appears who is convinced that the Hare Krsna movement is the harbinger of all ills in human society. He makes it his mission in life to oppose Krsna consciousness on all fronts, even at the risk of making himself look ridiculous. The efforts of such persons may be compared to the efforts of the wild philosopher to teach the sky a lesson with the use of fists.


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