Wednesday 8 September 2004




Today I taught a new group of girls for the first time. We went over classroom procedures and the rules of the computer lab. I also got to introduce myself and tell them a little bit about me. They immediately responded and were very attentive throughout the whole period. They really like personalism although my associate told me not to go to overboard with that because I need to keep some professional distance.

When explaining the rules of the computer lab I went through each rule and asked the students “Why do you think we would make up such a rule?” This way I got the students not only to accept these rules but to think a little bit about why they are there. My associate liked that.

Again I ran into difficulty with the timing of my lesson. I had many more things that I wanted to cover but didn’t because of time constraints. Somehow or another I hope to get the hang of this.

One thing I have taken note of is that when I turn the class into a discussion (like the one mentioned above) time really flys by. This is a technique that emphasises quality and not quantity. I think they learn a lot better given the interative format but not much gets covered. How to strike a balance between quality and quantity of teaching.


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