Friday 10 September 2004




Taught two classes today – one maths and one IM.

The maths one was at the last period of the day so that presented a few challenges. I tried to engage their higher thinking skills by explaining how algebra (and all maths based upon it) is really just a matter of simplification – or taking something that looks really complicated and making it look simple.

They seemed to be interested in this type of overview but I certainly didn’t see any immediate results with the students ability to chew through the maths problems for the day. I guess I would have to have a class all to myself if I wanted to impart such concepts to them over an extended period of time.

My associate commented that I have made some transition between curiculum centered teaching to student centered teaching. This was encouraging adn to be quite honest I can see that I was emphasising the curiculum becuase of my own feelings of awkwardness being in a new situation. Now I can honestly say that I’m having fun getting up and teaching these students. It is a very satisfying duty to perform.


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