Flying Popcorn Govindaya Namah




Harakanta Cakravati was famous for his Vaisnavism in his rural locale. People would say, “Cakravarti Thakur never accepts any food unless it is offered to the Lord.”

Once at a Pous-samkranti festival, Cakravarti bought some popcorn for his wife’s lunch. By chance a strong wind came up and blew a quantity of popcorn from the paper bag. It so happened that at this moment some friends of his came by and saw the flying popcorn. Feeling a little foolish in front of them, Cakravarti thought he could save his dignity by ceremonially dumping out the rest of the bag and letting all the popcorn fly with the wind. As he did this he chanted, Govindaya Namah.

While speaking with his friends, his son came running up, having been sent by his mother to the festival. “Father, Mum awaits her popcorn,” he said to his father in front of everyone. She says that you’re a little late with it. Can you give it to me so that I can bring it to her?” In this way Cakravarti’s friends learned the truth of the “offering.”


Just as the previous story illustrated false renuncation, so this story illustrates false devotion displayed for personal prestige due to frustration of one’s plans in sense enjoyment.


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