Hellish Pandemonium




A pious brahmana once told a drunkard, “Look, if you continue to drink wine, you are going to go to hell when you depart from this body. This is the statement of the Vedas.”

The drunkard replied, “But Suren Babu also takes wine.”

The brahmana said, “Well, then he will also go to hell.”

Drunkard: “Barun Babu also drinks wine.”

Brahmana: “Yes, then he’ll go to hell too.”

Drunkard: “Arun Babu also drinks wine.”

Brahmana: “And he too will go to hell. Anybody who drinks wine goes to hell.”

Drunkard: “Are there other activities that put one into hell?”

Brahmana: “Certainly. These are lying, stealing, cheating others, having lllicit sex–all are hellish activities.”

Drunkard: “So what happens to Bhamini, the famous prostitute?”

Brahmana: “Oh, she will go to hell, no doubt.”

Drunkard: “And what about any and all other prostitutes in the world?”

Brahmana: “They all go to hell.”

Drunkard: “And those men who look for prostitutes on the streetcorner?”

Brahmana: “They will go to hell with the prostitutes.”

Drunkard: “Well, then who wouldn’t want to go to hell? Drunkards, loose women and women-hunters–these people are such fun to be with! I can’t wait to go to hell myself!”


This story is a good statement about the condition of modern society. It is indeed hellish, but because “everybody is doing it,” nobody minds too much if they will be punished by sinful reaction.


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