“Thinking of Krishna”




Early one morning Subala left the land at Ramana-reti, where he had been staying, and approached Srila Prabhupada on the roof of the Radha-Damodara temple. “Prabhupada,” he said, “I am having so much difficulty. I don’t have time to read, I can’t chant my rounds properly, I can’t think of Krsna. I’m always thinking of how this contractor is cheating us, or I’m thinking of signing cheques for labor and materials. It’s just too much. All these things on my mind are stopping me from thinking of Krsna.”

“Do you think Arjuna was simply meditating on Krsna on the battlefield of Kuruksetra?” Prabhupada replied. “Do you think Arjuna was sitting in yogic trance, while on the battlefield Krsna worked? No, he was fighting. He was killing for Krsna. He was thinking of all the soldiers he had to kill for Krsna. “Thinking of the checkbook, thinking of the men, thinking of the contractors – this is also like Arjuna’s thinking. This is Krsna’s service.You should not worry about thinking of Krsna directly. Arjuna wasn’t sitting before Krsna in a trance, meditating on His form. He was engaged in Krsna’s service. Similarly this is Krsna’s service, and you should engage. Your life is full of Krsna’s service, and that is very good.”


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