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I put this website together with the hopes of strengthening family ties. It seems our family (extended and immediate) is spread out over quite some distance on the globe. I did a degree in this sort of internet stuff so I thought it to be a waste not to try to utelise it for matters that seem to have become important to me as of late.

This main page is something of a journal where I (or anyone in the family for that matter) can easily post anything they would like to share.

The photo gallery is really nice. For this I used some proprietor free open-source scripts which I think work really well considering the cost (nothing). For each photo the software uploads three different sized images to the site: a thumbnail for quick viewing, a medium sized image for normal internet viewing and a large resolution image for prints. Please be advised that the larger images take a long time to download and are there solely for the those who would like to print them with the available services located in the dropdown menu adjacent to each large image (at the top right). These photo companies are located in the US and I hear they are pretty good. The one’s here in New Zealand seem to give good results, when I’ve tried them, and they are fast. From just glancing at the ‘togetherness’ of each company the ‘Shutterfly’ one looked the best.

The discussion forum is something which I’m not sure will take off but ‘why not?’ I was thinking. Actualy I had to install it to get the photo section to adhere to my design specifications but we’ll see if it can be of some use.

Now I’ve uploaded some pictures of our son Sheldon. Sharleen is keen to keep this updated so if mom or any other aunties, sisters, grandmother etc … are feeling a bit clucky you can just log in and cluck away. I’ll enable this photo gallery to allow any of you to start an album and upload it with images you’d like to share.

I’ll post a notice via email to you all shortly and if you like you can experiment with the forum and photo gallery.

Looking forward to reviving our family ties,

With love,
Edward Pattillo


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