Virgin Mary / Mickey Mouse Grilled Cheese Sandwich for sale




After reading about other’s recent attempts to make good on this sort of thing (read here), I thought to have a go on

My auction description reads thus: “I knew that this Grilled Cheese Sandwich was special as soon as It came off the grill. I experienced an immediate sense of a divine presence upon holding It in my hand. It was then that I noticed the image of the Virgin Mary (or Mickey Mouse depending on which way you look at it). He/She then spoke to me in variegated expressions ranging from that of a squeeky mouse to a gentle and divine mother and told me to auction It here so that It could be served by ***THE ONE*** whom She/He has chosen as Its caregiver and prophetic interpreter. Could this be you?

One bite is already taken out of it (before it spoke to me). No longer fit for consumption due to petrification and hardening of cheese. No mold or excessive crumbling of the bread has taken place as of yet though.

Whomever takes on this possibly world-consiousness altering cheese sandwich must make an oath that they will make every endeavour to preserve Her/His manifestation and serve Her/Him faithfully until The Sandwich Himself directs otherwise. The future of the world is in His/Her control.”

I started the bidding at $5. If a Nutri-Grain that looks like ET can go for AU$1035 and the original Virgin-Mary cheese sandwich can go for US$28000 then mabye we can get that apartment in Mayapur paid off sooner then we think! I guess its all up to The Sandwich now – I’m praying to It like anything. 🙂


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