Prestige is Poison / Dishonour is Nectar




sammānād brāhmano nityam udvijeta visād iva
amrtasyeva cākānksed vamānasya sarvadā
sukham hy avamatah śete sukha a pratibudhyate
sukham carati loke ‘sminn avamantā vinaśyati

Throughout his life, a brāhmana should consider material prestige to be like poison and dishonor to be like nectar. After all, if one learns to tolerate dishonor, then his agitation will subside and he will happily sleep, happily wake, and happily move about. The person who insults him will, because of his sin, become regretful, and his happiness in this and the next life will be vanquished. (Mānu-samitā 2.162-163. Quoted by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur in Brāhmana O Vaisnava.)


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