ISKCON takes lead in underprivileged childcare




[India News]: Agra, Dec.21 :

In its endeavour to help underprivileged children, the Sandipani Muni School run by ISCKON in Vrindavan, not only educates the children from extremely poor families, but also provides them food, clothing and other amenities of life free of cost.

A usual day starts with toddlers chanting Hare Krishna, Hare Rama which fills the atmosphere with spirituality and divinity. Apart from the usual course curriculum, they are given lessons in spirituality too.

“We have 380 students. And because of the unusual background of the students, emphasis is on discipline and getting them organised in a systematic way. These students are from extremely poor and uneducated families. They are also given the fundamental knowledge so that they begin to understand the distinction between ingorance and knowledge,” said Radhapalli, the Director of the school.

The children studying in this school have high hopes and want to do something substantial in life.

“My parents are labourers. Here teachers teach us very efficiently. They provide us with books, notebooks, school uniform and everything. I am really lucky that I am studying in this school. I want to be educated and do well in life,” says Gauri Shankar, an 11-year-old student.

Most of the students belong to the nearby slums. The population is poor and uneducated. So people consider the school to be a blessing for their children.

“There children also get food to eat. I feel good that my children are able to study. I am illeterate but want my children to be educated enough. I want them study,” said Sidami, a labourer whose two children are studying in the school.

An educated child grows to become an integral part of the social fabric as his learning and skills shape the nation. Kudos to the Sandipani Muni School which is leaving no stone unturned to realise the dreams of hundreds of children from poverty-striken families. (ANI)


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