Christians See Conversion Opportunities in Disaster Relief




VIRGINIA, USA, December 28, 2004: The Christian website,, published a long story about Christian relief efforts following the tsunami (“source”). While the Christian charity exhibited by the rapid response of Christian organizations is admirable, the ulterior motives of conversion expressed by some are disturbing:

Some excerpts:

…. “Doctor Ajith Fernando, who is considered by some to be the “Billy Graham of Sri Lanka,’ heads up the Youth for Christ (YFC) office there. A long-time friend and partner of NDI, he wrote to Williams from Sri Lanka: ‘What a sad day this has been! We keep hearing of more and more friends and loved ones of friends who have died or lost much of their belongings. The death toll for Sri Lanka alone is over 10,000 and keeps rising. We have prayed and wept for our nation for many years. The most urgent of my prayers has always been that my people would turn to Jesus. I pray that this terrible, terrible tragedy might be used by God to break through into the lives of many of our people.’ ”

….”In the wake of this disaster, Gospel For Asia’s 1.5 million-member Believers Church in India is rallying support and deploying its leadership and members to minister to those suffering both physically and spiritually. ‘In times like these, we know that God opens the hearts of those who suffer, and we pray that as our workers demonstrate God’s love to them, many of them will come to know for the first time that real security comes only through Him,’ Gospel For Asia president K.P. Yohannon said. He add, ‘We ask that our brothers and sisters in the West take the time today to pray for these millions of victims, that they will feel God’s presence and grace in a special way.’ ”

more here:

Note (from Jaya Tirtha Caran das):

The Naxilites did a similar opportunistic collecting of votes during the floods and famine of war torn Bengal and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1971. The people of that region who were formerly mostly followers of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and the decsendent followers such as Narottam Dasa Thakur mahasay etc. So they are naturaly devotional and rely on God for help. As the devotees prayed for help from God the Communist Naxilites intimidatingly mocked and told them not to bother with God, there is no God, there’s no God who can help you, look at the mess……… They preached like that to give up their devotions and prayers and instead to approach the Russian backed CPI (Communist Party of India and the Naxilite mission to get rid of religion) Some who obviously had shorter vision in their plight and need gave up their devotions to Vaishnavism (Hinduism) and embraced Communism for the price of some chappatti flour, fresh drinking water, and some chattai roofing handed out by propagandist Communists. The faithful however, saw only the hand of God answering their prayers. After all they didn’t pray, please give this way or that way, they simply prayed out of necessity for help. So who can we blame the opportunist Communisits trying to further their goals by using such disasters to their advantage, or is it the lack of faith of the foolish people who gave up God for a handful of rice and chappatti flour? It is easy to blame one thing or another, but the fact is that for those who are faithful, EVEN the most horendous event happens and they are forced to give up their bodies and die, if they remain faithful they are still at an advantage on the eternal spiritual tredmill. Those who out of ill informed desperation sell themselves short for some food in their belly etc actually lose everything. They lose devotion to God, they lose their self respect, they lose their culture, and are treated as “ignorant” “uncultured” “uncivillized” “savages” etc by the triumphant conquering western religions like Christianity and Islam.


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