Dead Duck 🙂




There was a lady who brought her limp duck into the vets office. The vet said “Your duck is dead, mam.” “Impossible” exclaimed the lady. “I want a second opinion”. “Alright” said the veterinarian, so he whistles and in comes his labrador retriever, who gets up on the table and sniffs the duck, then turns to the vet and lady and shakes his head “no”, then leaves.

“See?” says the Vet…. “my dog confirms that your duck is dead.” “I don’t believe it… this is my special duck… I need a third opinion” the lady cries. The Vet calls in his Siamese cat, who jumps up on the table, sniffs the duck, looks at the Vet and shakes his head “no.”

“Now are you satisfied?” says the Vet to the lady. “Okay, guess you’re right. How much do I owe you?” “That’ll be 150 dollars.’ the Vet replies. The lady goes ballistic “150 dollars… to tell me my duck is dead????”

The Vet says ” Yes, 50 bucks for me and 100 dollars for the lab report and the cat scan!” 🙂


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