Hare Krishna Movement Feeds 5,000 People in Accra




Accra, Jan. 9, GNA – The Hare Krishna Movement in Ghana on Saturday reached out to the ordinary people in society, when they feted and entertained about 5,000 people as part of their religious and social responsibility.

Currently, with a national population of about 5,000, since its introduction into the country in 1981, the movement assembled in the centre of the city, near the Mokola Market, sang, danced and educated invited guests and bystanders about the Krishna faith, which was a branch of Hinduism from India.

Mr Sriva Das, the Regional Director for Ghana told journalists that the event was an annual affair, which aimed mainly at sharing with their neighbours vegetarian meals as well as use the occasion to propagate their religion.

He said Krishna meant God and like Christianity and Islam, they also believed in the same God as well as share similar basic concepts. Mr Das said as philosophy of life, Krishna had upheld its basic principles such as strict adherence to vegetarian diet, none alcoholism, no gambling and avoidance of illicit sex.

He said this rigid life style and the strong emphasis on spiritual development of their members were what most people have had difficulty in understanding, but noted that, “One can’t claimed to be serving God when he can’t stay pure and holy”.

Dwelling on their central scripture called “Bhagavad-Gita”, Mr Das said the book showed the relationship between the soul of man and God, which shows the same principles of spiritual life.

“The basic difference between Christianity and us has mainly to do with the exoteric things (external outlook), which cuts across every religion.


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