Bala Gopala’s Daily Darsan




Today Gopal went out with Janananda Prabhu and myself to visit different devotee’s houses around Christchurch. We went to Bhakta Regan and Anne’s house where they had a big kirtan for him.

One devotee kid, Kesava, who had never seen a saligram before asked me what He was and wanted to know more about Him. I got to tell him, “Do you know how sometimes you go to the temple to see Krishna? Well, sometimes Krishna wants to come out and see His devotees like you.” Kesava seemed to like that explanation so I offered that if he washed his hands he could hold Gopal. He was back in a flash and then he held Gopal very gently and touched Him to the foreheads of all of the devotees that were present. It was a very sweet pastime of Gopal’s.


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