The Miracle of Book Distribution




Devotee: They are attracted by wonderful things such as Sai Baba. He is doing so many wonderful things. People…

PrabhupAda: That is, means rascal. He does not see KRSNa’s wonderful. If you want to see wonderful things, why don’t you see the more wonderful things?

But they are foolish; they are captivated with small wonderful things. That means less intelligent…..

Whatever you need, KRSNa will supply, if you actually remain dependent on KRSNa. There are so many literatures of different groups, but who is selling so much? Forty thousand, fifty thousand daily? Unless KRSNa is helping us.

In the history no religion book have sold thirty thousand, forty thousand daily. There is no history. So why don’t you see this wonderful thing? All the money that I have brought from USA, India, it is all book fund. Nobody has given. George has given. That is not in cash. And he gave that two lakhs. That was spent for KRSNa Book. So wherefrom the cash is coming?

Gargamuni: Sales of books.

PrabhupAda: That’s all right. Because we have got substantial sale of books, we are free to get money. And it is unbelievable that religious books are sold thirty thousand, forty thousand, fifty thousand daily. There is no history.

Gargamuni: So that is a miracle.

PrabhupAda: Is it not miracle?

SatsvarUpa: Yes. Some of those devotees like Tripurari, a hundred big BhAgavatams. It’s not a popular book.

PrabhupAda: It is not popular actually. For the common man it is dry subject. And I have heard that after reading one book, somebody comes to purchase. “What is this, BhAgavata?” “We have got six.” “All right, give me six volumes.” He is not a devotee. Why he purchases all the six volumes of BhAgavatam? In London our Bhagavad-gItA As It Is was sold in two months, thirty thousand copies. That is the report. Thirty thousand copies.

Yadubara: Even though they don’t understand the subject matter, they purchase.

PrabhupAda: Yes. Yes. [break] Bon MahArAja has written part of Bhakti-rasAmRta-sindhu. And he published it before my coming to foreign countries.

Gargamuni: Yes. He has not sold any.

PrabhupAda: No, he has sold some, but still lying in the store. He published only one thousand copies. Our Nectar of Devotion, the translation of the same book, is selling like hotcakes. Yes. In the university, Temple University, they have made a textbook. And everywhere they like it, Nectar of Devotion. I think… What is our edition at the present moment? Fourth or Fifth edition. And we don’t publish less than ten thousand copies. So we have to depend on KRSNa sincerely. Serve Him, everything, what is required, that will come, some way or other. That is miracle.


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