Why you are not chanting?




> At the Gaura-arati in Krishna-Balaram Mandir, an eighteen-year-old
> young man from India asked me why we Westerners take to Krsna consciousness.

by Pragosh dasa (ACBSP)

What I say when asked this question by Indians – which is very frequently – is the following.

“Let me ask you a question first, if I may? ‘Why is it that you Indians also eat, drink and breathe fresh air?’”

I let them ponder this for a few moments and then say the following:

“You see, you need to do these things in order to sustain your health. Once anyone – from any part of the world – comes to know the truth of Lord Krsna and our eternal relationship with him – they realize that ACTING upon this knowledge – especially through the chanting of the Holy Name – is absolutely essential to one’s spiritual health. Then it is clear that whether one is from the West – the North – the South or the East – he will embrace what is called Krsna consciousness as the most PRIMARY OF ALL NECESSITIES OF LIFE.”

Then I follow up with my own question: “Are you born here in India? Yes!
Then am I safe to assume that you are also practicing pure Krsna consciousness and also chanting the Holy Name of Krsna each day? NO? How is this possible? You have asked me WHY I am chanting, and I now ask you WHY you are not chanting?”

Usually a lively discussion ensues, and I can then offer them a book, and they generally accept with enthusiasm.

YS Praghosa


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