Close The Door




An employer advertised for an opening in his firm and received many applications. Based on these, he selected two men and asked them to come for an interview. The employer then observed each man carefully during the interview.

When the first man entered the room, he left the door open behind him. The employer spoke with him for about 15 minutes, and then asked him to wait outside. When the second applicant entered, he shut the door behind him. After speaking with him, the employer asked him to also wait outside, and then called his secretary.

“That first man I spoke to, ” he said, “has all the qualifications, but I have decided to give the job to the second man.”

“Why is that?”

“Because the first man left the door open. It appears he is a lazy fellow. The other man shut the door, so while he may not be so qualified, he will learn quickly.”

MORAL: Even though one may be so-called qualified, if he is not trained in simple etiquettes like closing doors, what is the use of his learning?


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