To Preach From Bhagavad-gita Is Not Dogma




Our Krsna consciousness may not be accepted by all. That is the case in everything. But what we are presenting, that is standard. We are not cheating. Neither we are after false followers. If you agree, then you come.

If you agree — “No illicit sex, no… Yes…”

Why? There is no “Why?” You have to accept it. Then you come to me. That’s all. If you like, you come; if you don’t like, go away. I don’t care for you. This is our policy. There is no “why?”

You may say, “dogmatic,” but it is not dogmatic but it is standard from Bhagavad-gita, from Vedic literatures. Striya-suna-pana-dyuta yatra papas catur-vidhah: [SB 1.17.38] “Wherever there are these four kinds of sinful activities, oh, that is very dangerous place.” So we have taken it.

Room Conversation — October 14, 1975, Johannesburg


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