The Mother and the Moon




A child looked out the window at the evening sky at the beautiful moon
and requested her mother to give it to her. The mother, of course,
could not do that, but she devised a plan how to satisfy the child.
She brought a mirror and handed it to the child in such a way that the
child saw the reflection of the moon in the mirror in her hand. In
this way the little girl thought that she was now holding the moon in
her hand and very much appreciated her mother.

Our position is like that of the small child. We desired to be God,
but that was not possible. Therefore the Lord, to pacify us, gave us
the illusion that we are God.

The child may be satisfied with the illusion of holding the moon in
her hand, but a mature person will never be happy with such an
arrangement. This is why those who are factually intelligent are not
satisfied to suffer in the cycle of birth and death. They want to get
out of this chaotic condition and return to their original
constitutional position of eternity, knowledge, and bliss in a state
of full Krishna consciousness in the spiritual world.

If you would like to get out, take our instructions very seriously.
Soon Lord Krishna will become fully manifested in your heart.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari


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