‘Monkeys’ Business’




PrabhupAda: …They are working very hard, undoubtedly, but they are working foolishly. srama eva hi kevalam. The result is simply they are becoming tired. That’s all. Because they are not working intelligently, like monkey, he is busy all day. What is the value of your busy? You’ll find the monkey is never sitting idle. He’s always busy, “eH, eh, eh.” (imitating monkey) So what is the result of that busyness? He’s a monkey. And they claim to be coming from monkey, these rascals. So we can see that your monkey’s quality is already there. (laughter) You have not improved more than monkey, because you are working uselessly. They are theorizing that they have come from monkey, and as soon as you say that you are monkey, they become angry. Just see. They are claiming that we are coming from monkey. And if you say you are monkey, no better than monkey, then they are angry. Just see.

ParamahaMsa: That’s because we’ve advanced from the monkey stage up to the human stage.

PrabhupAda: You have not advanced. If you are uselessly working, then you are monkey. Monkey is busy, but useless. There is no value. What is the value of your working? You cannot make a solution of the problem that you are dying. Then what is the use of your working? You do not like to die. Why you are dying? You are keeping memory of him because you wanted that he should not have died. That is your desire. You do not like to die. So where is the solution of your death? You might open many hospitals, but where is the solution of disease, that there should be no more disease? That you cannot do. Therefore your so-called scientific research, working hard day and night, is all monkeys’ business. Useless.

(Morning Walk, Perth, May 10, 1975)


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